ETF Trend Trading System

What really is ETF (exchange-traded fund)?

Unlike many mutual funds, ETFs can be bought and sold rapidly. This works in response to market movements similar to stocks or bonds that are traded throughout the day, mainly on major stock market exchanges. ETFs are mainly found traded on the American stock exchange. An ETF is another form of an investment portfolio made up of many investments that trade like stocks. It holds an assortment of securities that are intended to track the performance of an index.

The ETF Trend Trading System

The ETF Trend Trading system has been created by a former fund manager he is now known as Big A. His name is not very important if he can actually shows you a simple system that makes you money, but sure it brings some skepticism to not knowing his full name.

Having formulated his own system and software, Big A offers tutorials so you become comfortable with those. Once mastered you won’t be needing a fund manager ever.  No experience is needed to follow his system. You can trade your IRA or 401K with the system. Doesn’t that sound great?

What You Will Do

Startup trading capital is not very much. In fact he recommends less than $5,000 which could bring in $200 to $500 per month. You only need 10 minutes of your time every day is required after you have learned the system. If you cannot commit to these five to ten minutes per day then you won’t work out well and Big A won’t want you as a student. It takes between two days to two weeks to learn the system and it all depends on you.

The best system in the world won’t work if you don’t give it a try, but you already know that.

This is done after market closes either in the evenings or around 6 am in the mornings. Within 5 to 10 minutes You will trade 4 ETFs, but if you use the scanner software, you can trade a few more and that takes about five minutes more. Then… you’re done for the day!

Unlike most systems offered which are utter nonsense the ETF Trend Trading system is guaranteed to work in both trending and consolidating markets. One of his old students raised over nine million dollars within two months when he launched his own fund.

There are no special qualities needed to be successful in trading ETFs. Its simply the ability to follow instruction. Remember Big A shows you exactly what to do.

This trend trading system can and will work in all other markets too, but it is best suited to ETF Trading.

You have to be a member to know what indicators Big A uses. He will openly tell you what his system does use or not.
When you purchase the ETF course, you will receive

  • 6 CDs, which you can watch at your convenience,
  • unlimited email support for a whole year,
  • 2 weekly live webinar and FAQ.

The course is blunt and to the point with no fluff. You’re not going to find any hype there.

Members Area

Further more there’s a one year access to the members area where extra bonus videos and resources are regularly released. You will also be able to follow his lead every night, where he will show you his personal real time trades on video and his blog for the following day with exact entry points, limits and stops. All this is to strengthen your ability to learn and grasp the intricacies of the system.

Already mentioned, you will also have access to his powerful stock scanning software.

Also with the package, a complete manual is enclosed showing examples of how the system exactly works. The quick start up guide will have you up and running in one to two days after the package is delivered by UPS.

And of course, all of this comes with a 90 days money back guarantee. Aboslutely no worries, and plenty of time to test the system !

Learn more about the ETF Trend Trading system.

At this time of writing : the 17 first to join before midnight October 1st will also get John Vasquez $1,997 ETF Day Trade course for free. You get two course for the price of one.